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Nirvair Solution Consultancy

Nirvair Solution offers efficient debt collection services, which are implemented through transparent communication between our qualified professional collectors and the usage of the latest technology in debt collection. Established in 2005, Nirvair Solution Recovery is one of the leading agencies in the debt collection and management industry. With more than 14 years of experience, its current directors ensured effective and productive methods in providing quality service to meet the client's needs.

The backbone of the company, the staff at Nirvair Solution Recovery, are trained and experienced in handling their task professionally. With extensive in-house training and constant guidance, teams at Nirvair Solution Recovery are well-versed in the standard compliance and procedures of the industry.


Mr.Dalmeet Singh

Businesses worldwide are witnessing extraordinary financial situations due to increasing debt, which can have a disastrous effect on businesses. Debt collection is a complex and time-consuming process that can prevent organizations from accomplishing primary business goals. To resolve this issue, companies outsource receivables to debt recovery agencies to have proper solutions for recovering debt and increasing cash flow.

Mr.Dalmeet has more than two decades of experience from a strong background in the bad debt recovery and debt collection industry. He has also held various positions specializing in the collection industry with leading Banks, the Consumer product industry, Telco, and other agencies in Malaysia. He also managed the site visit team for the financial and all his Clients. He has engaged in many projects, collections, and expertise in debt recovery solutions.

Mr.Dalmeet focuses on providing the best customer service and supporting clients to find the right strategy to develop the business. He is also responsible for managing the entity's resources, establishing strategic goals, and formulating plans to ensure goals are attainable.


Ms.Veena is one of the leading Credit Managers with having core specialization in providing debt recovery consultation and services for our customers. She manages a team of dedicated professionals having vast experience of decades in bad debt collection without harming your relationship with your client.

Our Services


Nirvair Solution provides professional and experienced debt recovery advice to anyone or any organization required. With decades of experience, we can guide you to achieve your goals.


Debt collection works with a professional approach to maintaining the goodwill between your client and yourself. We have been doing it in Malaysia since a decade ago with experienced collection executives.


We collect debts more than one-year-old where supporting documentation is comprehensive, and the debt is undisputed. A fully computerized system allows us to handle one-off debts and bulk accounts efficiently


We offer the lowest contingent rates available in the industry. Collecting your money, we retain a small portion of our efforts.

Account factors

Nirvair Solution also has a unique way of handling inactive and untraceable accounts.

We take into consideration the following factors in assessing accounts:

Age of Debt: As a basic rule, the older the debt, the more difficult and expensive to recover.

Evidence of Debt: The original documentation or proof of debt may be required.

Source of Debt: The original issuer's underwriting standard will determine the recovery level.

Location: Geographic location of the delinquent may affect recovery.

Accounts History: As soon as internal staff has exhausted their resources in actively pursuing accounts, It is time to outsource to us.