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Debt Collection Services


Most companies are weight down with uncollected debts. The effort to ensure continuous payment by debtors is also a cause for concern for many. We understand the such situation and can resolve these issues.

Awareness of debt management's importance has prompted us to offer various debt collection services. Our debt collection method varies based on the client's needs and requirements. The sizes of accounts will be fine for our company as we have the expertise to handle various account sizes.

Our services include SMS reminders, call reminders, follow-up calls, total credit settlement, skip tracing, and legal action through our legal panel.

Clients benefits

In an economic situation where mismanagement of credit collection exists, debt collection services play an essential role in ensuring a company's sustainability.

Benefits of outsourcing your debt collection to Nirvair Solution Recovery :
Optimize expenses
Increase cash flow : Debt Collection Agencies can help increase your cash flow by reducing the amount of debts you have.
Increase productive.
Increase time to focus on core business: By letting us collect your debts you have more time o develop your business.
Fast Payment : Customers normally pay faster once a Debt Collection Agency is involved.
Cost-effective : We practice a no collection = no commission policy.

Account Factors :

Nirvair Solutions Recovery also has a unique way in handling inactive and untraceable accounts. We take into consideration the following factors in assessing accounts :
Age of Debt : As a basic rule, the older the debt, the more difficult and expensive to recover.
Evidence of Debt: The original documentation of proof of debt may be required.
Source of Debt : The original issuer's underwriting standard will determine the recovery level.
Location : Geographical location of the delinquent may affect recovery.
Account History : As soon as internal staff has exhausted their resources in actively pursuing accounts, it is time to outsource to us.

Account collectability chart.

The length of the period of debt that has yet to be collected is the most crucial factor in ascertaining the collection's success. Therefore, the team will run proactive measures to collect the debt.
Research has shown that proactive action on debt management promised better returns. A debt left uncollected for a long period of time will reduce possibility of successful collection.